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Signature Performance Tire and Wheel Installs Lift and Leveling Kits in Costa Mesa. We sell sell lift and leveling kits from Fabtech, BDS Suspension, Pro Comp, Fox, Icon Vehicle Dynamics, Superlift, DayStar, CST, Rancho, Camburg. We can get just about any lift kit desired. We do full lift and leveling kit installation and custom applications, too.
  • Fabtech Suspension Fabtech Suspension

    Located in Chino, California our headquarters spans across five acres. The custom building was constructed to Fabtech’s specification for in house development, manufacturing, distribution and administration. The 100,000 square foot facility is divided into designated departments that can operate as a single unit or collectively as a group. This allows Fabtech to function 24 hours a day as needed without compromising security, capacity or quality of the operations.

    Fabtech’s development capabilities are second to none with over 20 years of experience in aftermarket suspension design. State of the art software, fabrication equipment along with our seasoned engineers and fabricators allow the company to develop products that are constantly on the cutting edge. Fabtech has received numerous awards for our designs that continue to lead the market.

    To ensure product quality, Fabtech builds all of its componentry in house. The manufacturing division is a world class lean environment dedicated to consistently producing quality parts in low or high volume production runs. Multiple laser cutters, robotic welders, forming equipment, machining centers and skilled welders provide flexibility and quality to its production.

    Packaging, warehousing and distribution are contained within the building for immediate shipment world wide. Our Administrative staff provides support to the many divisions that make up the company while our knowledgeable Sales staff assists our valued customers.

    Our business started in 1989 with a passion and lifestyle for offroad. This still remains today in our company with our employees. The core of what we do comes from the time we spend in the dirt, designing and testing our products for the offroad enthusiast.  This allows us to get first hand feedback from our own field testing and to hear what other enthusiasts require to enhance their vehicle for offroad use.

    Our commitment to understanding the dirt has been at every level. In the images to follow you will see our employees that find their office in the dirt along with our management team in Baja. Yes even the accounting department gets dirty every once in a while. Whether we are racing in the desert, crawling in canyons or on mountain trails, everyone at Fabtech understands the passion and lifestyle of offroad. This is what fuels our company to build the best products for core enthusiasts.

    Recognition for hard work and dedication to performance and excellence is the ultimate reward in life. Accolades and awards given to Fabtech’s by its peers in the industry are just that. A reward by acknowledgement for the commitment from every employee that built our company. It’s all of their hard work, internal drive, creativity and relentless pursuit to be the best that has moved Fabtech to the leader it is today.

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  • BDS Suspension BDS Suspension BDS Suspension was started in 1996 by a business group who felt it was past time to create a suspension company that truly had the best interest of the off road consumer as its' foundation. With over 45 combined years experience with other major suspension companies, both buying and selling, we were frustrated by the lack of quality and the unwillingness to make things right by these 4x4 companies. So we set out to create a suspension company that would be the best. We made a list of the things we felt were not right and made it our missions to correct them.

    We felt it wasn't right to advertise systems that were still in the development stage and wouldn't be ready for months. Therefore if you see it in our catalog, in our magazine ads, or on our website, you can bet we have it on the shelf and it’s ready for resale. We didn’t think it was fair to get you all hyped up about buying one of our systems just to find out we were "Out of Stock", therefore we never are.

    We didn’t think it was right you could find the same lift by the same company at 15 different prices, creating doubt as to whether you were getting everything you were entitled to for the cheapest price and forcing you to purchase 1500 miles away to get that price. So we established a network of dealers across the country. Here you get the best price from a local business whose goal is to provide you with the best service possible. Even if you buy BDS off our website, the local distributor is there to assist you.

    Finally, we didn't think it was right for you to spend your hard earned money on a suspension system, have a part break and be told it wasn’t under warranty. Common excuses from other suspension companies are: not properly installed, painted a different color. installed with another company's product, and you faced with it. The list is endless and ridiculous. We created the best warranty in the industry. So simple we call it our "No Fine Print" warranty and it goes like this: "If you buy it and it breaks, we'll replace it." That's it and we live by it every day.

    Signature Performance Tire and Wheel installs BDS Suspension at our Costa Mesa location. If you are looking for BDS Suspension in Southern California (So Cal), Orange County, San Diego or Riverside, give us a call for the best prices.
  • Pro Comp Suspension Pro Comp Suspension

    Since 1992, Pro Comp USA has been manufacturing high-quality, durable products for on and off road enthusiasts including tires, wheels, suspensions, shocks, and more. Suspension systems were our original foundation and they continue to be one of our strongest departments as we develop innovative new suspensions to this day.
    Starting in 1998 we took on tires and have since become one of the top tire-manufacturing contenders in the aftermarket industry. This has been supported by the release of our Pro Comp wheels in 2001, designed to be the strongest steel and cast wheels in the market.
    No matter what the product, we offer a shopping experience that is fast and simple as we continue to strive for unmatched customer service each and every day.
    Pro Comp USA chooses to focus on suspensions, wheels, and tires for a simple, effective, and affordable shopping experience. Featuring a no-hassle, user-friendly approach to finding the right parts for your vehicle, Pro Comp USA sticks to the basics to deliver what you need as quickly and affordably as possible.

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  • CST Suspension

    At California Supertrucks Inc. it is not just about designing and manufacturing a quality suspension product. The driving force of our team is its desire to bring innovative ideas that extend beyond the standards of any suspension lift. With this in mind Chris Robinson, president and owner of California Supertrucks Inc., has been designing, building, and driving off road race trucks, as well as running off road fabrication shops for the past 30 years. With Chris' vast knowledge and experience, he and his team of talented, dedicated, and focused individuals, strive to develop, fabricate and manufacture high end performance suspension systems.

    These suspension systems are based on superior design and engineering, and utilize the strongest and best built components available. You will find our suspension systems include an extensive array of fasteners, brackets, bushings, bump stops, and spacers which are used to assemble the kit components into a solid, durable performance lift system. We could cut corners, and cost by leaving out some or all of this critical installation hardware, but that is not California Supertrucks style. Every CST suspension includes precisely what you will need to achieve proper and safe installation. The fasteners are grade 8 or stronger, and are zinc or gold irradiate plated for corrosion resistance. When upper control arms are used, greasable urethane bushings are used for tight, responsive suspension action. Urethane droop and/or bump stop limiters are used in most applications to allow full suspension travel without contact between components. Using a CST Performance Suspension system will help you understand our belief that fine tuning or upgrading a suspension can be an entertaining and worthwhile endeavor.

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  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics ICON Vehicle Dynamics is a premiere performance suspension manufacturer specializing in aftermarket suspension components for trucks, SUV’s and off road suspension development. The company’s business is customer-driven, technology-influenced, engineering-oriented and focuses on world-class manufacturing processes and techniques. Led by head engineer and SCORE champion driver Dylan Evans, ICON Vehicle Dynamics has the unique qualities to design and build the highest quality suspension components and test them in both real world applications as well as race conditions.

    We are often asked how ICON develops such revolutionary performance suspension systems. The answer might surprise you. Our engineers actually start by determining a desired outcome of the vehicle they are working on. By studying forces and their effect on the vehicle in motion (Vehicle Dynamics) they are able to determine what improvements can be made. They determine how they can improve drivability of the vehicle, how to improve the handling characteristics and what changes can be made to improve the vehicle in real world situations. The end result of all this study is the highest quality and performing suspension products in the world. What also sets ICON products apart is our incredible commitment of time and energy dedicated to both ride development and testing. From vehicle dynamic theory to our years of experience and involvement in off road racing, rock crawling and just about anything you can do with a vehicle on or off the road. Our engineers are in control and the driving force of our entire product line and manufacturing processes. This is made possible because all of our laser cutting, metal forming, CNC machining, welding and assembly is done in house. Every product sold by ICON is made in the USA.
  • Superlift Suspension Superlift Suspension

    Formed in 1975, Superlift remains a pioneer in the industry. Today, Superlift is one of the few suspension companies that is owned and operated by actual four wheel drive enthusiasts! Our company philosophy and product line reflects this passion.

    Over the past thirty years we have enjoyed continued success by providing the truck / SUV owner functional products that perform as advertised. Superlift's Product Development Department staff -- arguably the industry's most talented group -- uses the latest computer modeling technology, with most of our stock vehicle data supplied by the various new vehicle manufacturers. We also understand that most people spend the majority of driving time on-road... our products work exceptionally well on-road or off.

    Determining what product is right for your vehicle and lifestyle can be a daunting task, especially today with so many suspension sources to choose from. We urge you to carefully research your options. Talk to fellow off-roaders, your local 4WD specialty shop, and our tech staff always enjoys a good conversation. Bottom line... do your homework and you'll discover that we've done ours. Also, please take time to review the "Choosing Your Lift" section of the website.    See you off-roading...
    The Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park, our primary proving grounds, opened in Hot Springs, Arkansas in late 2001. The Park's 1,250+ acres features a multitude of terrain types and obstacles for 4x4s, ATVs, motorcycles and mountain bikes, and has already gained a reputation as one of the world's premiere off-roading destinations. Currently, the Park is open to the public Friday through Sunday. Starting in early-2006, we're open seven days a week and offering ATV rentals. Check out the Park's website for details, including our Event Schedule.

    Look for the Superlift Event Team in your area...
    In 2006 Superlift will attend over thirty off-road events - trail rides, jamborees, and shows - scattered across the country. Check the Superlift Event Tour Schedule to see what will be happening near you. Participating puts you face-to-face with our tech staff, fellow enthusiasts, plus it gives you an opportunity to scope out the latest Superlift products and projects.

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  • Daystar Daystar

    Daystar™ has been Designing and Producing Precision Plastic Components for Four Wheel Drive Trucks, Motocross Bikes, Passenger Cars, and Mountain Bikes since 1977.
    Injection Molding
    Daystar™ produces millions of plastic injection molded parts every year on micro processor controlled Van Dorn molding machines ranging in size from 85 to 400 tons. We are extremely experienced in running elastomeric compounds such as flexible PVC's, thermoplastic polyurethanes, and TPR's. We also run large quantities of other thermoplastic resins.

    The design and production of elastomeric boots or bellows is a Daystar™ specialty. We have developed proprietary design software, specialized injection molding bases, special purpose robotics, and unique boring and turning tools that enable us to provide the optimum boot solution to our customer at unrivaled tooling and piece part prices.

    Daystar™ has always met our customers' needs by designing and producing the highest possible quality parts. Since 2000, Daystar has been certified ISO 9001. This demanding certification, recognized worldwide, ensures our customers that the entire process, from design to shipment, is independently verified and documented to meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

    Cast Polyurethane
    Daystar™ is a recognized specialist in manufacturing cast polyurethane elastomeric and microcellular foam parts for the automotive industry. We have developed several families of proprietary polymer formulations that give us the ability to match material properties to the specific application at hand.

    Engineering excellence is not just a catch phrase at Daystar™ - it is the foundation of our company. Daystar™ engineers can execute all aspects of the design process for part modeling and simulation to multi axis toolpath creation.

    Daystar™ has been producing high quality injection molds for over 30 years ranging in sophistication from single cavity prototype molds to multicavity molds with hot runners and side actions.

    Our production facility includes multiple dispensing lines, a clean room for steel preparation for bonding operations, several custom designed automatic parts trimmers, a laboratory for testing part designs and material properties, and most importantly, a skilled team with a proven track record.

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  • Rancho Suspension Rancho Suspension

    Rancho® – a popular brand of suspension, shocks and more worldwide – was born in the 1950s in Long Beach, Calif., as Rancho Jeep Supply, and quickly grew into a thriving off-road and performance suspension components manufacturer. In 1988, Rancho launched what would later become its best-selling shock absorber: the RS5000™.

    In 1990, Rancho was purchased by Tenneco Inc. and quickly expanded to include the world's first five-way adjustable shock absorber, allowing off-road enthusiasts to adjust the level of compression/rebound damping to suit their riding style, and launched the first "intelligent" shock, the RSX shock absorber.

    Rancho continued to grow and add fully engineered, industry-leading shock absorbers – like RS9000XL™, Loaded quickLIFT™, Pro Series and more – plus suspension systems to one of the world's most recognizable and technologically leading brands.

    Rancho suspension systems, shock absorbers, accessories and other related products deliver rugged performance for work and play in any on - or off-road environment.

    Rancho products are manufactured and marketed by Tenneco Inc (NYSE: TEN) a $5.9 billion manufacturing company best known for its ride control and emission brands, including: Monroe® shocks and struts, Walker® Exhaust, Gillet® and Clevite® Elastomers, and DynoMax® Performance Exhaust.

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  • Camburg Suspension



    Jerry Zaiden and Jason Campbell started Camburg Engineering in 1997 after years of experience in the offroad racing and manufacturing industries. Their initial goal was to offer products & services that were only available to elite offroad racing teams. With Jason’s engineering background and Jerry focusing on sales and marketing, they set forth to design and manufacture suspension components in a production manner enabling them to open up a new market and customer base. Today, Camburg Engineering is the leader in off-road suspension systems and is at the forefront in technology and design . Their over the counter parts are being race tested constantly and have won numerous championships. Not many other companies design, build and race on their own components. This sets Camburg apart from the rest as they establish the trend and do not follow it.


    With over 10,000 sq. ft., Camburg Engineering is one of few companies in the offroad field that have the manufacturing capabilities to produce their suspension components in-house along with their new KINETIK race trucks. Using the latest manufacturing technologies in CAD design, CNC machining, MIG and TIG welding, CNC laser cutting, tube notching and bending, Camburg yields products that are built to the highest standards while keeping production costs lower without sacrificing quality or strength. Camburg constantly brings new manufacturing and product concepts into market that other companies are now just beginning to utilize in their own product lines.


    Working with top companies in their industries, Camburg receives tremendous amounts of exposure from national magazine print ads, TV commercials, tradeshows, catalogs, product marketing and is heavily involved with the editorial staff of magazines in regards to press releases, product testing and vehicle features. This exposure spans across different companies, markets and countries. Camburg Engineering is a brand that is recognized throughout the industry as the leader in offroad suspension systems with a race team that has a core presence like no other. The reciprocal of that is consumers see Camburg working with the leading companies in their own fields. Camburg Racing has a unique identity that the hard-core race enthusiast and new truck owners are drawn to. The spectrum of consumer types is vast but united.


    Not only is racing a tool to gain exposure but it is also a bench mark to test products against. Camburg Engineering not only produces suspension components, but also races on them. They also use the opportunity to test the products they are involved with and believe in. No computer program can simulate the wear and tear and abuse offroad use offers. Years ago Jerry and Jason raced a 1600 buggy in the local So. Cal. deserts. They then transitioned into an i-beam Ford Ranger they built to develop new products on and use as a test vehicle to gain more experience. From that point they focused on building an unlimited a-arm Ford Ranger Edge to race in the premier race organizations. They raced the SCORE Baja 1000 and 500 in the truck even entering the truck in the Trophy Truck class. For 2007 Best in the Desert revamped the rules for Class 7200 Mini Trophy Truck to make it more competitive and to draw in bigger numbers of racers. Camburg raced the entire season with their goal to finish well and be consistent. With that in action they finished 2nd overall for the year only 5 points out of the 1st place championship. Jerry also finished 3rd in Rookie of the Year points. With Toyota debuting the new Tundra, Camburg was honored to race the new truck in Stock Full at the 40th SCORE Baja 1000 in 2007 spanning over 1300 miles. In 2008-2009, Camburg raced the Tundra in Best in the Desert’s race series in Stock Full and Class 8. They also raced the SNORE Mint 400. All race efforts are now on the new Kinetik TT.

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  • Rubicon Express

    Two Jeep enthusiasts looking to improve the quality and performance of products available to off roaders founded Rubicon Express in 1996. Located moments from the Rubicon Trail, Rubicon product are real-world tested to ensure the highest quality, comfort, and safety.
    Our Goal is to provide Jeep enthusiasts with suspension components of the highest quality and greatest value. Our staff members are all Jeepers, and will do their best to answer any questions about our products you may have.

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  • Readylift Suspension Readylift Suspension

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    ReadyLift® Suspension Inc.

    SITUATION: ReadyLift® Suspension Inc. was founded on the principals of developing a line of economical suspension leveling products that would allow Truck and SUV owners to be able to “level” their vehicle in order to install Plus-size wheels and tires. Until several years ago, truck and SUV owners had limited options available to them if they wanted to purchase larger aftermarket wheels and tires. Basically a person would have to purchase an expensive 4+ inch lift kit. Not only would some of these aftermarket lift kits cost well beyond $1,000, but would also change the factory ride, usually to something much more harsh. There were virtually no companies developing quality front suspension leveling products that would simply “level” out a truck or SUV.
    ReadyLift® Founder and CEO Scott Poncher has spent nearly his entire life directly involved in the automotive aftermarket. He realized that there was a huge consumer market that didn’t want a tall lift kit that would compromise gas mileage and that important nice factory ride. The ReadyLift® line of suspension products was developed to provide consumers with a cost-effective alternative for their needs, essentially designing the exact product they were looking for. That product is one that would take the “rake” out of the vehicle by raising the front end up enough to make the vehicle sit level from front to rear while affording the consumer to be able to purchase the wheels and tires they wanted. And most importantly, to do so without compromising the quality of the factory ride and handling.

    The core concept was pure and focused. Develop a line of suspension leveling products that would level a vehicle correctly, safely and without having to modify any of the factory components. The challenges to this philosophy were many. Not from the numerous major “tall” suspension manufacturers. But rather from cultivators of cheap alternatives. Alternatives made from cheap materials and lacking the development work necessary to insure quality installation, fit and ride quality.

    Besides having to face the obstacle of cheap, inferior “home made” products, ReadyLift® was also faced with the task of changing market and product perception. One of the most common mis-information that circulated through the consumer and even some dealer networks was the idea that on torsion bar-equipped vehicles, all a person had to do was use and impact wrench and overload the factory torsion bar keys to lift their vehicle. The result was a very harsh ride and usually destroyed shocks too. ReadyLift® designed their leveling keys specifically for each vehicle, providing a specialized leveling key featuring the correct amount of “lift” without having to over-rotate the torsion bars. And ReadyLift® was the only company to include shock extension brackets which easily installed to allow the shocks to operate properly and not be damaged by over-extension.

    The main marketing challenge ReadyLift® faced was figuring out how to effectively get the message out to not only distributors and dealers, but directly to the customer. That message is that the ideal product for their needs existed, created by a company focused on developing the ideal leveling product, and to debunk the backyard myths associated with trying to do-it-yourself.

    ReadyLift® instituted an internal program to build the marketing message around the true concept of “Level or Lift your truck and Maintain Your Factory Ride”. Traditional print ads were published in aftermarket consumer and trade publications displaying the ReadyLift® product line and delivering the “message”. An even greater effort was placed on educating aftermarket product distributors of the benefits of ReadyLift’s specialized truck and SUV leveling products. Active participation and advertisements in vehicle forums has brought awareness of the ReadyLift® brand to the consumer level.

    ReadyLift® took marketing their line of suspension products beyond mainstream channels. Image is extremely important in developing a productive branding program. Every ReadyLift product package has been carefully designed with an enticing appearance featuring high quality images of the vehicle that product pertains to, along with high quality images of the exact products contained in the box. And most important, the features and benefits of the ReadyLift® product line, as well as descriptive technical information about what the consumer can expect from the product. Not only does this Informational Image method educate the consumer who holds a ReadyLift® product package in his hands, but it also provides quick and easy information for the retail salespersons.

    Image is everything. ReadyLift takes great pride in developing every aspect of its marketing programs around branding the name ReadyLift® with a positive and productive element. From the high-quality catalog, laminated card stock flyers, retail banners and top notch point of purchase merchandisers to all of targeted print and web advertisements, the goal is to present the message with a high-quality image of the ReadyLift® name and product line. Every product and vehicle image should tell the story of what the product is about and how it will benefit the consumer.

    Website presence is not just about selling a product. ReadyLift® gives extensive support to all of its distributors, dealers and consumers by displaying a high-quality image to every visitor of All of the information that a consumer or dealer needs is available at a click of a button. From associating the recommended tire and wheel size for each application to instructional videos and how-to articles, every visitor is presented with the opportunity to learn about the quality and ease of installation of ReadyLift® suspension leveling products.

    Taking branding to another level, ReadyLift® had branded the name outside of mainstream channels by developing a sponsorship program with the quickly growing CORR Championship Off Road Racing series. ReadyLift® joined forces with Robert Naughton Racing in an effort to get the ReadyLift® brand name in front of thousands of on-site fans, as well as millions of television viewers. Associating the quality of the company name with the quality and performance of a top off road truck driver has yielded dividends. ReadyLift has become a brand name in the CORR racing community and now extends beyond the track as Team ReadyLift® wins races and Championships that can be seen by millions on television and web videos.

    The focused desire to brand the ReadyLift® name with consumers along with extensive efforts to expand the distributor and retail presence has made ReadyLift® the most widely known and consequently the most successful manufacturer of leveling and mild lift kit systems. By providing a quality product designed and manufactured to give the customer exactly what they want without compromising the vehicle ride quality, the message has been well received. Provide the right product, the right message and the right image as a company philosophy has doubled the company growth each year. Consumers recognize the ReadyLift® name and associate it with a company that doesn’t just manufacturer products. But rather a company that provides a product they recognize as being purposely designed to provide the lift they want without any compromises. And every ReadyLift® product is Guaranteed to maintain the factory ride.

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  • Skyjacker Suspension Skyjacker Suspension

    At Skyjacker, we believe our relationship with Jesus Christ has been the driving force in the success of our company. Since our pioneering days in the early 1970's, Skyjacker's fieldproven expertise is suspension systems; lift kits and systems along with all the necessary components and accessories you need. People have always enjoyed heading out into the great outdoors to satisfy their sense of adventure. With everything, there are always some people who want to go farther and conquer more territory. These are our customers...and the customer is always right.

    Throughout Skyjacker's over 35-year history, we have never backed down from our dedication to our pure passion of off-roading, and we never will. Skyjacker's philosophy has always been to "Provide the best designed, advanced engineered, and most innovative suspension that the 4x4 industry has ever seen and used. We engineered the definition of what a quality suspension should be: a suspension system that works in form and function to the highest level of achievement possible with the highest quality of materials and resources available".

    At Skyjacker we're listening! By hosting, sponsoring, supporting and participating in a vast array of outdoor events, Skyjacker is extending a helping hand to the total sport of off-roading. Look for our "Rock Ready Tour Team" at the events. That's right, "We Test Where You Ride". By designing, testing, up grading and then more testing, Skyjacker is surpassing the demands of both our customers and the harshest terrain.

    Skyjacker builds quality suspension products...the best on the market.Skyjacker offers a huge range of lift heights and levels of performance for most Chevrolet\GMC, Dodge, Ford, Jeep and Toyota vehicles. So go beyond the basic "lift kit" and get into a Skyjacker performance suspension package. Ask for Skyjacker, Rock Ready,Softrid, Flex Series and Softrid Shocks by name.

    Along with our faith in God, we do attribute our success to you, our faithful customers. Thank you for helping make us: "Skyjacker Suspensions"

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  • Full Traction Suspension Full-Traction Suspension designs and manufactures suspension systems and components that offer design innovation and absolute top quality. Our use of the latest versions of solid modeling computer-aided design software and years of experience in off-road racing and preparation, yields a product that is not only cutting edge in terms of design, but also in function.

    Full-Traction Suspension products are tops in fit and finish, and are the most durable on the market. Simply stated—We feel our products are the best. Look for the Full-Traction Suspension logo as a mark of quality.