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  • T REX Grilles T REX Grilles

    A billet grille manufacturer dedicated to delivering a quality product.  Our focus is designing a product with easy installation with our bolt on grilles.  Less tools, less time, more efficient.

    When it comes to manufacturing a quality product, it starts in the design department but doesn't end there.  We start with a solid stock of Aircraft t-5 or t-6 grade billet aluminum rather an extruded aluminum used by some of our competition.  The stock is cut to length and shaped to a specific contour.  Each Grille is then hand assembled into a custom JIG and welded with a process call TIG to ensure a strong and clean weld.  Next each grilles is powder coated in glossy black.   Finally, a 3 stage clean and polish prepares the grille for boxing.  All of this is done in our southern California facility.

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    After more than 15 years of cutting edge development, T-Rex has grown to become the world leader in aftermarket Grille design and manufacturing. Our state of the art 45,000 square foot Corona, CA facility supports more than 100 American jobs - everything from production to R&D to corporate staff - all dedicated to one singular purpose: To produce the finest Grilles and Accessories available anywhere on the planet. And that dedication and American craftsmanship shows in every product that leaves the facility. Our wide range of Grille styles; traditional Billet Grilles, aggressive X-Metal Grilles, luxurious Upper Class Grilles, and motorsports inspired Sport Series Grilles; provide the perfect solution for every style and taste. And T-Rex boasts the most comprehensive application list available anywhere, with most styles and fitments in stock and ready to ship every day. Our uncompromising American quality begins with advanced CAD engineering & design. Approved designs then undergo rigorous testing for fit, finish and durability. Production is then handled by our state of the art manufacturing facility, which produces each part from a custom jig using laser cut materials, precision TIG welding and meticulous assembly and quality control. Parts are then finished with durable “Sinister Black” powder coating, Electro-Polished or Chrome Plated. Always choose the best. Always choose T-Rex.
  • RBP (Rolling Big Power) RBP (Rolling Big Power)

    Started in Lake Forest by Roland Trudel being an aficionado himself in the truck lifestyle, he began marketing the brand RBP in all the local shows and events. He started with custom exhaust and quickly began to get the attention of the Offroad enthusiast as being the new breed in the Offroad lifestyle. In 2005 RBP caught the eye of the crew at Lexani and a new marriage was formed, RBP was moved into the Lexani corporate offices and became part of the Lexani family of brands. Lexani’s marketing team was commissioned to take it national. With an extensive marketing campaign in print, national and international shows RBP is being positioned to lead the pack thru the 21st century. RBP continues to redefine the world of custom trucks with innovative new products.

    Rolling Big Power moves several times, first into a larger facility near Trudell’s home in Lake Forest, and later, into bigger and better facilities in Corona, CA, as the company grew. Today, Rolling Big Power occupies a large allocation of office and warehouse space in the huge, ultra-modern high rise Lexani Wheel Building in Corona. At this time, RBP has contracted with several hand-picked manufactures who are producing a variety of products built to RBP‘s exclusive design. The ever-growing list of products manufactured and marketed by RBP includes diesel performance exhaust systems; grilles for diesel and gas pickups; a variety of custom bright-work, also for diesel pickups; exhaust tips for both diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles and a complete line of custom wheels. RBP also markets several diesel performance products produced by recognized manufactures, products that have passed the company’s stringent in-house testing and meet the RBP criteria of excellence.

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  • Street Scene Equipment Street Scene Equipment

    Street Scene Equipment is the leading supplier in exterior styling accessories for your car, truck or SUV. Our staff of automotive and truck enthusiasts work hard each day to develop several new products focused on building Street Scene Equipment into the ultimate source for styling components. We have continued to design and develop items you are looking for and have now increased the range of Street Scene products to over 1800 part numbers! Street Scene Equipment has been featured in several hundred magazines over the years and has graced the covers of leading magazines such as 5.0 Mustang, Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, Truckin, Sport Truck, Street Truck, Diesel Power, 8 Lug, and Hot Rod just to name a few. Over the years we have received several awards including three SEMA best new product awards along with several design awards from Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Chrysler Corporation. In addition we have received countless car and truck show awards from the leading shows across the country. Street Scene products have been seen on TV shows, rock videos and hit movies for over 10 years. Street Scene Equipment products are easy to install and will help you develop your stock vehicle into the hot looking vehicle you are looking for that will turn heads and give you a sense of your own taste and design.

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    In 1983, Geoff Spencer and Scott Struthers purchased a small custom audio contracting company in Orange County. It was just the beginning of the home audio era and they knew this would be something big. The promise of success was not in the annual sales or the celebrity clientele. Geoff and Scott witnessed the anticipation and excitement from customers when they showcased their custom sound system for the first time - it was a priceless experience for every client. It wasn't just about customer demand for these high-end components, it was about creating an exhilarating experience in your home, to amplify entertainment in every way. Beginning with a small clientele, limited equipment, and lots of knowledge, they turned Home Tech into the leader in customized architectural audio, and they called it Sonance.

    The potential for customized automotive accessories has been on the rise since the late 90's. People want car customization for seats to stereos and everything in between. With Geoff and Scott's entrepreneurial spirit and obsession for well-designed cars, they established STRUT® in 2002 to meet the demand of custom car jewelry with a style all their own.

    They hired an innovative executive team and searched the country for the best craftsmen in the industry - and they got them. They strived to build something that creates an identity for the client, the car, and the passersby on the road. They wanted to bring their unique spirit to the car industry, an industry with an open road to inventive approaches and one-of-a kind productions.

    The promise to envision and create something so unique drives everyone at STRUT® to maintain the highest standards from start to finish. Their dedication to the rare craft of customized grilles is witnessed with every product that hits the road. With intense commitment, they put in practice a standard double quality control procedure rarely found in automotive accessories. This extra measure requires the artist who creates each piece to engrave it. This is the ultimate allegiance of quality assurance.

    From mesh grilles to custom bumpers and emblems, STRUT® rises above the car clutter and gives every car a personality, a unique voice on the road that speaks to all who see it.

    Located in San Clemente, California, STRUT has achieved benchmark status throughout the world for their trendsetting and distinctive jewelry collections, wheels, and accessories designed for connoisseurs of luxury automobiles.

    Created like fine jewelry, each handcrafted collection is personally signed by the artisan, further reflecting the passion and pride they take in their work. STRUT Collections are sold through high end automobile dealerships and automotive boutiques.

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  • Dresden Grilles

    Dresden Auto Design is proud to announce its full grille luxury line to the auto boutique and styling centers throughout the world. We are proud to claim with certainty that our design and quality exceeds all standards set in the aftermarket industry. All grilles are designed and crafted in USA.
    Currently we offer two distinguished grille designs, each addressing different types of enthusiasts.
    Sport-Klasse: Grilles are designed to enhance and perfect OE (original equipment) styling while maintaining the factory image. Each grille is individually crafted by state-of-the-art CNC machines and made from custom billet aluminum bars, beveled and triple chrome plated for maximum luster and protection.
    Luxury-Klasse: Designed for a complete customized appearance of each vehicle with utilization of steel frames and wire mesh. Luxury-Klasse grilles are sold as a KIT with complete body badges which completes the transformation into an elegant and unique automobile. The Luxury-Klasse highlights are:
    Quality Material: All Luxury-Klasse grilles are fabricated from 304 stainless steel frames and wire mesh and triple chrome plated.
    Beveled Edges: We use 3/16” thick stainless steel grille frames and with our state-of-the-art CNC machines chamfer/bevel the edges of each grille.
    Formed Wire Mesh:  To achieve the maximum visual impact the mesh is formed within the frames to emphasize the 3D design of each grille.
    Dresden Badges: All grilles are engraved or inserted with our logo for authenticity and body badges are supplied to create a unique “Dresden Edition” for each vehicle.

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