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  • WeatherTech WeatherTech

    At MacNeil Automotive, we are doing our part
    for the American economy and for our 300 million
    fellow citizens and neighbors. My philosophy is that
    if my neighbor doesn’t have a job, sooner or later I
    won’t have a job either. For example, we used to
    have our All-Weather Floor Mats manufactured in
    England by a company that used antiquated,
    inefficient equipment. They made a decent floor
    mat for us, but we thought we could build a better
    floor mat for our customers using modern American
    technology, American raw materials and skilled
    American workers. So in 2007 we transferred all of
    our floor mat manufacturing back to the United
    States. Today, we build the best fitting, highest
    quality automotive floor mats in the world, right
    here in America.
    Our machine shop is equipped with 17 CNC
    machining centers including four 4 axis mills and one
    5 axis mill that produce between 30 to 50 injection
    and thermoforming molds per month. We have one
    shift of highly skilled American Journeymen
    toolmakers and apprentices, but our machines run
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is not a more
    efficient tool and mold making operation in the
    world - and guess what, it’s right here in America.
    Specialists in Original Equipment and
    Aftermarket Automotive Accessories
    Furthermore, all of our CNC mills are manufactured
    in Oxnard, CA by Haas. Our 1,000 ton injection
    molding machines are made in Bolton, Ontario
    of American and Canadian components. Our
    thermoforming machinery is made in Carol Stream,
    IL. The raw steel and aluminum billets which make
    up our tooling are sourced from American steel and
    aluminum mills such as Vista Metals in Fontana, CA.
    The raw materials that make up our All-Weather
    Floor Mats, FloorLiners, Cargo Liners and Mud
    Flaps are manufactured in Bellevue OH, Arlington
    TX, Wichita KS and Jasper TN. Our forklifts are
    made in Columbus IN and Greene NY. Our
    warehouse racking is manufactured in Tatamy PA.
    At MacNeil Automotive, we are also very aware
    of sustainability and our responsibility to the
    environment. We are proactive in controlling waste
    and recycling all of the unused raw materials from
    the manufacture of our tooling and products including: aluminum, steel, rubber, TPO, TPE, paper and
    As you can see, we are as dedicated to designing,
    developing and manufacturing the finest automotive
    accessories for our consumer and OEM clients as we
    are passionate about supporting the American economy, preserving the American industrial infrastructure,
    and keeping the “money” in our family, a family of
    300 million people from all over America.
    Life is simple; be good to your fellow man, be kind
    to animals and the environment, and place building a
    quality product, supporting your country and your
    fellow American worker before profit. And, one last
    thing - let’s all do our best to balance family time
    with work time as our children are the future of

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  • Nifty Floor Mats Nifty Floor Mats

    Nifty Products - More Protection. More Selection.

    No other brand achieves the same level of superior design and exceptional style quite like Nifty. Choose from the largest selection of vehicle applications for the best looking and most effective premium floor protection in the industry. Designed to meet the exacting specification of vehicles and the active lifestyles of the people who drive them.

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  • LLOYD Mats

    LLoyd Mats is the largest US "all model" manufacturer of custom fit floor mats.   The company started in business in 1974.  In 1978, Lloyd started manufacturing custom floor mats.  Custom floor mats are currently the only product manufactured and sold.  In 1999 employees purchased 100% of the company.  Every employee is a part owner.

    Lloyd is housed in a large floor mat manufacturing plant in Los Angeles California. Mat patters are stored and cut using a AutoCad controlled, ultrasonic cutting equipment.  Lloyd has a pattern for virtually every make of car, truck or SUV sold in America from 1960 to present. Development of embroidery computer programs and the actually mat embroidery are performed in Lloyd's plants.  Lloyds mats are finished with a color coordinated, nylon velour or vinyl mat edging.

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  • Husky Liners Husky Liners

    It started with a passion for hunting and fishing trips, combined with a neat streak. Bob Tyler would take his Lab on his trips, but his vehicle would end up with mud splattered all over the floor. When Bob looked for a washable liner to protect the cargo area, there was none to be found. So he decided to make one for himself and the Husky Liner was born.

    Winfield Consumer Products demonstrates that neat streak as the facility is clean and well lit, providing an atmosphere for a safe work environment and the manufacture of a quality product by employees who care. It is a privately held company, whose primary business consists of designing, manufacturing and supplying automotive accessories for light trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans and cars to the aftermarket. Starting in 1988, the Company designed the original custom fit floor and cargo liner. WCP has grown from that idea to a 197,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution operation, becoming the automotive aftermarket's leading source for thermo-plastic floor and cargo liners.

    WCP's proprietary products include Husky Liners branded custom fit floor and cargo liners, heavy duty floor mats, custom molded mud guards, aluminum accessories and various other products to serve the aftermarket. WCP controls the entire process of its products, from the product design and tooling to warehouse and distribution with a strong commitment to quality, customer service, financial strength and the well being of its employees.

    The mission of Winfield Consumer Products is to meet, and where possible, exceed the requirements of our customers. This is demonstrated by being the originator of the custom fit floor and cargo liners, having the engineering and design team be customer focused and having the best customer service and distribution in the industry, with virtually all orders received shipped within 24 hours.


    Winfield Consumer Products is located in Strother Field Industrial Park, near Winfield, Kansas, about 40 miles southeast of Wichita. Winfield, population of 12,200, is rated #56 in "The 100 Best Small Towns in America". Strother Field Industrial Park is a 1,600-acre industrial park adjacent to the community airport with over 30 businesses employing over 2,000 people. Strother Field airport will accommodate corporate jet traffic with two lighted runways of 5,500 and 3,150 feet.

    The Company has a 167,000 square foot facility in Strother Field that includes 67,000 square feet for manufacturing and 85,000 square feet for warehouse needs, along with office space and a tool shop. The Company also has a 30,000 square foot building for storage in a nearby community. Winfield is located in the center of the country, allowing for favorable shipping to all points in the United States.

    As described earlier, this Company was founded on the principle that places don't need to be messy. That carries over to our facility. When emphasis is placed on maintaining a clean working area, pride in the employees has a chance to come out. This comes out in keeping their area neat, making a quality part, and working safely. For two of the last three calendar years, there has not been an accident with our employees. At Winfield Consumer Products, we are extremely proud of our employees and the job that is done by each and every one.

    Corporate Bios

    Robert D. Tyler is the President and Founder of Winfield Consumer Products. He is a graduate of Kansas's own Pittsburg State University with a degree in Plastics Technology. Past employment includes Uniloy in Michigan and ten years with Gott Corporation (since purchased by Rubbermaid) as Product Engineering Manager. He started Winfield Consumer Products in September of 1988 with the "Husky Liners" floor and cargo liners for vehicles. Bob has over 26 years experience in product design and tooling design for blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and RIM urethane molding.

    Terry Lawrence holds the position of Vice President-Operations. A graduate of Kansas State University, Terry worked as a bank loan officer for ten years and then five years with a blow molding company as operations manager before joining the WCP in 1993.

    Greg Thompson, Vice President-Finance/MIS, has been with WCP since 1998. Greg is a graduate of Kansas State University and obtained his CPA certificate in 1978. Greg's work experience includes being audit manager for Arthur Young and co., Vice President for Rubbermaid's Seasonal Products Division and Controller for KSQ Blowmolding.

    Design and Engineering

    WCP is known for its commitment to the automotive aftermarket by getting quality interior and exterior products to the market quickly. WCP engineers and designers are dedicated to researching, developing and enhancing new and existing products. They work closely with other departmental managers and manufacturing engineers to recognize, prevent and solve production issues. They also work very closely with Customer Service to understand the needs of our customers. When someone calls with a question about a part, they are frequently surprised to find themselves speaking with the individual who designed the part and fit it to a vehicle like theirs. The direct contact with customers makes sure the designers know the fit of the parts and over the years has created a very loyal customer base.

    Customer Service

    The Customer Service of Winfield Consumer Products is second to none. When you call during working hours, you will be greeted by a friendly voice that is part of our customer service team with an average of 12 years experience. This is with a Company that has only been around since 1988. If you have further questions, you may be transferred to an engineer that designed the part, or at least has a close familiarity with it. After you have placed your order, you will not have to wait long to receive it. Virtually all of our orders received scheduled for immediate shipment are shipped within 24 hours. Combining great customer service with a great product has made Husky Liners the quality choice for vehicle protection for over 20 years.

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