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  • Tuffy Security Products Tuffy Security Products

    Tuffy products are manufactured by American employees at Tuffy's state-of-the-art plant located in Cortez Colorado.  This gives Tuffy the ability to closely monitor the production process ensuring the customer always gets the best product on the market.  This strict adherence to the highest quality standards enables Tuffy to back their products with an outstanding warranty which is unsurpassed in the industry.

    Tuffy's product designs are engineered and extensively field tested at Tuffy's facility by skilled developers with years of experience.  Unlike other "knock off" manufacturers who skip the design step by stealing ideas from other companies then cheapening the product and having it manufactured overseas to maximize their profit.

    Cortez is nestled on the edge of the San Juan Mountains and the slickrock desert.  Along with its local gems Cortez has arguably the best trails in the world located within a 2 hour radius. (Moab, Telluride, Farmington, etc)  This location allows Tuffy employees to field test prototypes, constantly improve existing products through real world use, and develop new useful and unique products through a combination of personal use and collaboration with customers out on the trails.

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  • Bestop Jeep Products Bestop Jeep Products

    Bestop® has been in business for more than 55 years. Bestop® has been the sole supplier of factory-original Jeep® soft tops to Chrysler since 1986. Starting out as a small trim shop making canvas soft tops for WWII Jeep® vehicles, Bestop® expanded to offer a broad assortment of Jeep® replacement soft tops, interior and exterior accessories for Jeep® CJ5, CJ7 and Wrangler models. .
    Storage and Security
    Bestop Storage Jackets
    Jeep Storage for scratch-and-dent protection for storing your Jeep doors. Durable fabric jackets utilize heavy-duty zippers to provide protection for Jeep door storage. Each Door Jacket is designed to help you easily carry and store your doors. For added convenience, the full steel Door Jacket can be installed while door is on vehicle.
    Bestop Saddle Bags
    Saddle Bags utilize what would otherwise be wasted space to expand the storage capacity of your Jeep®. Secure to sport bar uprights for convenient yet attractive storage. For appearance and durability, the premium fabric maintains shape in any temperature. Fabric is mildew-resistant, contains UV inhibitors and is offered in factory original colors. Outer accessory pockets secure with velcro for easy access to small, frequently used items. Perfectly matched to original equipment exterior colors.
    Bestop Consoles
    The TrailMax Pro features oversized cup holders for beverages, a writing board to give you a place to conduct business, and compartments to hold change, CDs or a phone. The large main compartment is covered with a padded, locking armrest and hides a pull-out beverage cooler. In addition, the TrailMax Pro has a light in the main compartment, a hot point plug-in for phones and GPS units, and a first aid kit, just in case you get into a real scrape. The TrailMax Pro is perfectly color-matched to both TrailMax and factory seats, and installs easily. It's the next best thing to having your own personal secretary sitting next to you!
    Bestop Instatrunk™
    Secure and safeguard your belongings with the Bestop Instatrunk. The Instatrunk™ conveniently fastens into the cargo area behind the rear seat, and provides out of sight security for valuables. The 16-gauge, heavy-duty steel construction forms a weather-resistant seal when you close and lock the tailgate and no additional keys are needed. Dimensions are 11"H x 11"d x 35"w, for 2.7 cubic feet of lockable storage space. No drilling is required for installation. Applications available for 86-95 and 97-03 Jeep Wrangler.
    Bestop Extendatrunk™
    Maximum secure storage in the rear of your Jeep! With the rear seat removed, the Extendatrunk offers you 12.5 cubic feet of lockable storage and best of all, it doesn't require extra keys! Its quick-open lid provides you with convenient access to your valuables. The lid removes quickly for carrying oversized loads with no need to remove the entire trunk. This versatile lid also slides out to form an instant picnic area for tailgating! Extendatrunk is constructed of twin-walled super linear plastic that provides superior strength and durability to keep contents safe. It is water-resistant and easy to install with no drilling required. Extendatrunk uses your original seat hardware to secure it in place.
    Bestop Flexatrunk™
    Provides a secure storage trunk built for strength and durability. Versatile options: Fold rear seat forward and Flexatrunk extends, with seat up panels can be stored. Panels can be removed and stored allowing unobstructed rear cargo area.
    Bestop HOSS™ Storage System
    The all new inclusive-hardtop orgainzed storage system from Bestop® helps eliminate the headache of removing and storing Jeep® hardtops. The HOSS™ is a one-of-a-kind, integrated storage system that has everything for Jeep® owners to protect, store and organize their hardtops, doors and accessories, all in one place.


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