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  • Super Springs Self Adjusting Suspension Stabalizers Super Springs Self Adjusting Suspension Stabalizers

    Founded in 1996, SuperSprings International, Inc. has developed a patented line of suspension products that solve many of the handing problems associated with loads carried by passenger vans, pickup trucks, minivans, and SUV's.

    The first product developed was SuperSprings; self adjusting leaf suspension stabilizers which provide users extra loading and towing capacity and prevent rear-end sag without hardening the ride. Initially developed for the compact truck market the product range now includes SuperSprings applications up to and including class 5 (19,500 GVWR) work trucks as well as vans and motor homes.

    Our SuperCoils line of enhanced, heavy duty coil springs was added to address the same sagging issues for trucks and vans with coil spring suspensions.

    Our SuperKey line of torsion keys was added to provide customers with up to 2" of front end lift without changing the ride on their trucks and vans equipped with front torsion bar suspensions.

    Our SuperSway-Stops were developed specifically for customers with airbags installed who wished to reduce their side-to-side body roll issues. A quick and simple bolt-on application, they allow the factory overload springs to better interact with the frame mounted snubbers as designed.

    Our front SumoSprings were developed specifically to address snow plow, winch and heavy duty replacement bumper applications and permit a smooth engagement when both loaded and unloaded.

    Our patented rear SumoSprings were developed as an "airless airbag" application for trucks and vans carrying a variety of loads. The microcellular foam material creates a leak proof and maintanance free option for customers. Our goal has always been to provide outstanding products coupled with exceptional customer service.

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  • Hellwig Sway Bars Hellwig Sway Bars

    Hellwig is a proven company in business for over 60 years. Hellwig Products are precision engineered and 100% American made at our ISO9001 certified facility in Visalia, CA.

    Hellwig Products manufactures sway bars and helper springs and offers a line of air suspension products.  Sway bars, also known as stabilizer bars, anti-sway bars, and anti-roll bars, are suspension enhancement products that are designed to decrease sway and body roll and improve cornering traction and control.  Hellwig Products also touts the advantages of sway bars for towing and heavy hauling.  Obviously anything that controls sway and aids with towing and heavy hauling is right up our alley.

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  • Firestone Air Systems Firestone Air Systems

    Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC, a subsidiary of Firestone Diversified Products, LLC, specializes in air spring manufacturing and technology with a history of more than 70 years of research and development of technologically advanced air springs for the global marketplace. With headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind., and quality-certified manufacturing/assembly plants and technical centers throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia, the company produces suspension products for commercial trucks & trailers, cars, sport utility vehicles, light trucks, minivans, vans and motor homes. Firestone facilities are ISO-14001, ISO-9001 and TS-16949 Certified.

    Firestone continues to make significant advancements in technology since we patented the first rubber air spring in 1938.

    Our extensive experience and development has resulted in a technology portfolio with the flexibility to meet demanding specifications. This technology includes aramid fabric, orifice and pipe damping, and intelligent air springs.

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  • Air Lift Suspension Air Lift Suspension

    Air Lift Company is fortunate to lay claim to a lengthy and prestigious history of product development devoted to the singular purpose of engineering light vehicle air suspension products. Air Lift’s now legendary products began to dominate the marketplace beginning in the 1940’s. Post-war fascination with the automobile was at an all-time high and Air Lift was busy pioneering the use of air spring inserts in coil spring suspensions providing a safer, more comfortable ride for many of the vehicles of that era. Time, as they say, does not stand still and neither did Air Lift. Staying ahead of the technological curve, Air Lift introduced the use of sleeve-type air springs on pickup truck suspensions in the 1960’s. Then followed the use of air helper springs for motor homes in the 1980’s and performance air suspension products for street rods and lowered vehicles in the 1990’s. Today Air Lift Company is a leader in aftermarket air suspension products which are an evolution of the company’s engineering excellence and breakthrough development programs. In fact, Air Lift has more SEMA awards for air spring development to its credit than any other company.

    Air Lift Company has been developing air spring suspension products for more than 60 years. The original product, a rubber air spring inserted into a car's factory coil spring, was developed and patented in 1949.

    The versatility of Air Lift air springs was proven during the early years of stock car racing. Air Lift products were used by most of the stock car racing teams for twenty years and the sponsored cars were among the toughest competitors on the NASCAR Grand National Circuit.

    Air Lift products are sold throughout the world and can be engineered to fit almost any coil or leaf spring suspension. The extensive product line includes everything from air helper springs for cars, vans and trucks to full air suspension replacement and control systems for recreational vehicles, emergency vehicles, hot rods and lowered performance vehicles. Air Lift engineers are continuously working to bring exciting new products to market as well as improve existing products with the latest technologies. Air Lift also leads the industry in no-drill applications-kits that bolt on to the vehicle's frame, simplifying and speeding installation.

    As of February 2007, Air Lift Company is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified. ISO 9001:2008 applies to organizations which follow a quality management system with several standards. The standards include procedures for all processes of the business - from employee training and customer service to product development and production. Air Lift Company is committed to fulfilling the requirements of their quality management system: to develop, manufacture and continuously improve the highest quality products that fit, work and last. Their goal is to consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of their customers.

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  • Adjustable Air Ride

    I bought a CL55 back in 2003 and lowered it shortly after playing around with the Ride Height Sensors. Did it by making up brackets, some grinding and using miscellaneous bolts. Once a couple friends found out that I could do it they all wanted there cars and SUV's done. That method worked but wasn't very easy to do. It was way too time consuming and not very accurate. I knew there was a better way.

    I read about Electronic Modules but they were really expensive, limited to the amount they would lower and had to be hard wired in. Removing them would have been difficult as well. What if when the wires are cut you get a bad connection and something shorts out? Would hate to have to deal with a warranty claim on that!

    After a few designs I developed a Fully Adjustable Linkage that directly replaces the stock Ride Height Sensor Arm. For all vehicles except the E & CLS there's nothing to even unbolt. Simply pop of your original Link and pop the Fully Adjustable one on. It's that easy!!! Can be returned back to stock just as easy. Best of all, it's very reasonably priced.

    On most vehicles there is a Ride Height Sensor on all four Control Arms. Some only have three, two in the front one for the rear. It pivots. One side is connected to the Frame and the other a Control Arm. To see what they look like on most vehicles is easy. Put the vehicle to the highest setting and look straight into the wheel well on top of the front tire. May need a flashlight. In the rear you have to look from underneath. They move with the suspension and tell the computer what height the vehicle should be sitting at.

    Our kit replaces the stock sensor arms to Billet Aluminum Fully Adjustable Links. When stretched or shrunk, depending on the application, they change the voltage coming from the sensor. That tricks the computer into thinking the vehicle is sitting higher then the factory setting therefore lowering it.

    Adjustable Air Ride is now using Stainless Steel threaded shafts. That combined with Billet Aluminium ends the Links will never seize up under any conditions.

    Another reason Adjustable Air Ride Lowering Links are the most popular and best sellers on the market.
    Adjustable Air Ride is a company specializing in lowering vehicles that are equipped with Airmatic Suspension. This includes vehicles from many manufactures such as Bentley, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen.

    Lowering is accomplished by altering the lengths of the Ride Height Sensors Arms. Our kits are made from Billet Aluminum and are FULLY ADJUSTABLE so you can set your vehicle to be as low as you like. The Kits take between 30 minutes and 1 hour to install. The vehicle can be returned back to stock just as quick without any detection of being modified.

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